My Story

Tassy's journey to SAINTS began when her owners, both suffering from dementia, moved into care. Despite efforts from family and hired dog walkers, it became clear more intervention was needed for Tassy's care. Her owners decided to have her thoroughly vetted, addressing dental issues and a small cyst removal, hoping to find her a new home as a healthy, slightly overweight senior dog at 10 years old.

Unfortunately, rehoming Tassy proved challenging amidst an overwhelmed shelter system, exacerbated by an incidental finding—Tassy was diagnosed with diabetes. With options dwindling, Tassy was transferred to SAINTS, where she found temporary refuge in foster care for two years before being returned.

Tassy is a sweet dog with a vibrant personality. Despite her health challenges, she is now at a good weight and remains affectionate. At SAINTS, Tassy receives the care she needs, surrounded by compassion and understanding. She is cherished for her gentle nature and brings joy to those who interact with her.

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