My Story

Tassy’s owners both have dementia and have moved into care. The rest of the family had stepped in as much as they could, hiring dog walkers etc but it became obvious quickly a lot more intervention was needed. They elected to have Tassy vetted, deal with any issues and find her a new home. It shouldn’t be that hard to rehome a 10 year old small mixed breed dog…right? The vet recommended a couple of dental extractions and a small cyst removal. The family went ahead and had this done, still thinking they could find her a good home afterwards as a healthy, slightly overweight senior dog. Our absolutely overwhelmed shelter system would beg to differ. An incidental finding pretty much ended any hope they had of rehoming, turns out little Tassy here is also diabetic. Options were now next to none.

In dire need of a good grooming, Tassy will settle in and we will get her sorted medically. She is cute and friendly with a side of ‘tude but gets along well with both dogs and cats.

Welcome to SAINTS Tassy!