What is SAINTS?

We are the Senior Animals in Need Today Society - SAINTS. We provide shelter and care for senior and special needs animals of all different species. Our sanctuary is a haven where these special souls can be loved and cherished and receive proper care for the rest of their days.

Over $250,000 in Vet Care

Per year!

Working 24 hours, 7 days a week

60+ staff hours per day!

Amazing dedicated volunteers!

That help in many different ways!

Super Monthly Donors

Supporting our animals

Over 1500+ animals helped

since 2004

4 Animal Areas

on 3 acres

Meet our Animals

Our animals are special, so each has a special page here on our website. You can learn about them by viewing their profile.

From our Blog

For many years our founder, helped us to understand the struggles of rescue–the heartache, the victories, and the occasional comedy of it all. Over a decade of rescue stories reside in our blog archives, and the SAINTS' management team still contributes entries today. We invite you to check it out.