Rescue Journal

Saul's hairdo part 1

Nicole  ·  Aug. 8, 2006

So Jean and I went over to SAINTS today to try and give Saul a wee hair cut as it's the middle of summer and he obviously hasn't been groomed in yonks, but I didn't realize he would be so big and so amazingly fuzzy. He reminds me of a giant teddy bear. Just looking at him makes you want to go over and hug him. For an hour and fifteen minutes Jean and I shave and brushed him and there is still alot more hair needing to come off. Unfortunately we aren't as talented as Samantha, so he probably won't be bragging to anyone about his new do. He was such a doll the entire time, even when Potato-Ed was going off in his chain-saw like snarling.


Christine Heal

Oh yeah...he certainly does have lots of hair! And that's after I brushed and dematted him for two hours before Carol and TBone picked him up. I got three bags.... :-)

I'm so glad he has gone to SAINTS! Give him a hug from me!

Christine a.k.a. "Faunadael - Vancouver Is." (on Brindleweb)


Heheheheh - Nicole, you forgot to mention about the COPIOUS amounts of drool - very slimy drool - that dog produces! Trying to trim the fur on his ruff was quite the....sticky...experience.