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The work we do would not be possible without the generousity of our donors. Thank you from all of us, and the Saintly Crew of animals, for your kindness and support.

Veterinary Services

Many of the animals at SAINTS have health issues that require medical care and attention. Often the health issues are severe and/or long term, and the cost of the right treatment plan is high. Based on 2022 financials, our average monthly vet bills total $22,800.00.

Nutrition Program

As a multi species sanctuary, with many animals who have dietary challenges, our feed requirements are extensive. Special needs diets of hay, kibbles, meat, produce, pellets, and treats, all on a daily basis, add up to approximately $7,800.00 per month based on 2022 financials.

Sanctuary Maintenance

Based on 2022 financial totals our facility operations cost an average of $9,800.00 per month. This covers expenses such as maintenance, repairs, utilities, and transportation. All of which are necessary to ensure the safety of our animals as well as our teams of staff and volunteers.

Expert Care

On average, we care for over 200 senior and special needs animals annually. We have a team of dedicated employees to develop and execute each of the animals' care plans for feed, medicine, and enrichment. Based on 2022 financials, SAINTS' monthly wages total $49,800.00.

Sponsor an Animal

The majority of the animals that come into our care have major health issues that require extensive medical care and attention. The average monthly vet bills are $22,800.00. SAINTS’ operating costs are above and beyond that. Your sponsorship helps cover the animals’ medical needs, and helps provide them compassionate care.

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Alternate ways to give

Amazon Wishlist

For convenience we have compiled an Amazon wishlist of items that our shelter is regularly in need of. These items can be purchased via Amazon and shipped directly to SAINTS. This is an efficient way to donate items without having to arrange your own drop off or shipping.

SAINTS Amazon Wishlist

Product Donations

We appreciate your donations of unopened food and hard goods. If you provide an original retail receipt, a tax receipt can be issued. Please contact us to find out what items are in need, and when and where to drop off donations. info@saintsrescue.ca

Donation Boxes

SAINTS has donation boxes for storefronts. If you own a storefront or know of a veterinary clinic that would be interested in supporting SAINTS and what we do, please contact us at info@saintsrescue.ca and we’ll bring out a donation box.

Corporate Donations

Businesses that partner with the SAINTS show that standing up for animals is good business. Small and large businesses can invest in our lifesaving work to help animals in need. Contact info@saintsrescue.ca for more information.

Donate a Car

Donate a Car Canada accepts Vehicle Donations for SAINTS. Free towing is provided in most areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. When you donate your car, truck, RV, boat, or motorcycle to SAINTS through Donate A Car Canada, it will either be recycled or sold at auction (depending on its condition, age and location). After your vehicle donation is complete, you will receive a tax receipt and we will put your gift to good use.