Rescue Journal

Carl has a foot fetish!

Jean  ·  Oct. 22, 2006

Today I'm out in the field cutting the last of the fallen tree and I notice a very strange phenomena - Carl, the llama, has grabbed one of the sheep (Annie, I think) by the foot and is pulling her leg. At first, Annie pulls back, which causes the leg to move out sideways and Annie to have to hop around to keep her balance.

Not believing what I'm seeing, I holler to Mo, who is cleaning the barns. And as we watch, Carl mouths each of Annie's feet, lifting them up and chewing them before moving on to the next one. Annie just stood there, half under Carl, slightly pulling but having learned from the first pull that standing on three legs is not easy.

So, what is this? A foot fetish? A secret ambition to be the first llama to become a farrier? Or was Carl a podiatrist in his former life?

I have no idea why he did it, but I suspect that poor Winston has been unfairly blamed for the two lame, sheep. I knew it couldn't be my dear, sweet donkey. Well, Carl will get his just desserts tomorrow - the vet is coming to do his big snip. Maybe that'll keep him away from Annie's feet for a day or two!