Rescue Journal

i was afraid it was going to be a bad day when....

Alison  ·  Nov. 7, 2006

first thing this morning, Hank the rooster, hit me from behind. it hurt and as he was flying at me for strike two, i popped him in the chest with my tupperware container, he went elsewhere. i think compassion and care are wasted on that bird. he should be careful cuz i am pretty sure he qualifies for organic, free range status.

the day got better after a rushed morning in the barn with toonie-fish and then off to work. i must have been in la la land because i was randomly picking up distress signals and accidently ended up at a client 's house who was not on my list but was REALLY glad to see a nurse. that was wierd.

i took the last 3 hours off work to attend a meeting that was cancelled at the last minute, so i came home early and put the barn guys to bed. hank was no where to be seen by then because he goes to roost early. can't say that i missed him all that much anyway.

there is a few hours of work inside for me tonight, that kind of sucks, but at least i am home early so that is good.

in the end, hank was not the harbringer of a bad day to come, i had just a normal kind of day which i might be somewhat grateful for when it is done.