Rescue Journal

Jack is a Hussy

Alison  ·  Nov. 9, 2006

She went in for her spay, dental, and malignant mammory gland removal several months ago. She decided to pretend to die with her pre-med, scared the crap out of the vets and promptly got her pending surgery cancelled. Anyone who knows Jack, knows she has a ton of energy for throwing herself into her drama queen routines, she can literally fuss and caterwaul indefinately til she gets whatever it is she wants. Usually it is food related, but apparently it is sex related too. Thomas went in this week to be neutered, he cooperated and actually was neutered, but he is so newly neutered that he doesn't really realize that he is neutered yet. And neither does Jack. OMG could she be even a little more blatant and determined to have a relationship...she screams if I won't let her near Thomas and if I do, she throws herself at him and flirts relentlessly. She toddles around here like she is hotstuff and more than available to forming an up close and personal relationship. By 9 am i decided she had more than enough pretend and this really doesn't work any more pseudo-sex and put her in the cat room. She is still sitting at the door, gazing longingly at her Romeo and begging him to come and rescue her. Jack is a fake, I bet she faked her almost death just to keep on being a hussy. She is a very bad dog and once again, I am reminded, old, but not yet dead.