Rescue Journal

the value of saints on rememberence day

Alison  ·  Nov. 9, 2006

is not just in the animals that we help. it is in the people whose problems we solve too. and that list includes not only seniors and their families in the communities that are in crises with a senior family pet, but other rescues and shelters and pounds as well. we are the end of the line, no where else to go place. we accept the animals sitting in the shelters that will not be adopted and we get referrals and animals from other rescues when they can not help or they have gone as far as they can. when i look around me, there are not too many animals here that did not get here thru the help of someone else. and that is ok as long saints does not become a different kind of dumping ground where the animal is sent here and the sender walks away and the responsibility door is closed. because the animals once they get here, need care, they need food, and vet care. they need someone to help make this an ok place to be. they need grooming, and cuddles and walks and one on one attention. they need money to pay their bills. and they need human bodies and resources to follow thru. every one knows that the animals who come here are very lucky to ever find a home. a few very uninformed and uneducated people have said that we hoard because they never do find a home of their own. they don't know that hoarding is not letting them go to homes that want them, instead of not being able to find anyone appropriate that does. there is a pretty big and fundemental difference.

when an animal comes to saints, this may or may not be the last stop on their journey in life. but this last stop has a price for those of us that are here, each and every day. and sometimes we pay this price not just for the animals but for the people who sent them here too. rescue is not unloading an animal at the first convenient place. rescue is the responsibility and follow thru that ensures they are well cared for and happy for the rest of their lives.

that takes alot of everything and just like the animal that comes here....that alot needs to come from somewhere too. remember the animals at saints that live here , rememeber how they came to our gate and remember that they are still waiting and their needs have not diminished because they are still alive and living here. and remember that every single small act of kindness, makes their life here a little bit better too.