Rescue Journal

i found myself sad and worried most of today

Alison  ·  Nov. 13, 2006

because of a sweet seven year old yellow lab. i don't know his name, but he looked just like a younger version of brew. his senior owners and their daughter brought him here today hoping that we would take him. they are moving into a smaller place in a week and cannot take him.

i sent him away. too young, too healthy and too many already here. i gave them what advice i could and i can't stop seeing him and wondering where he will fall.

years ago, i wrote a poem called "But"...i don't remember it anymore and it belongs to another place, but i remembered today that back then i wrote about this dog. it was about how much we love them but the "buts" always get in the way.

maybe someday he will find someone to love him and no "buts" will ever turn him away.

be safe and happy little man and i am so very sorry.