Rescue Journal

speaking of feet...

Julie  ·  Nov. 24, 2006

well... for me a foots is a foots. they help me to stand, they walk me where i want to go, they occassionally complain as to where they are walking me to, they make good play things for the cats and dogs, useful for dancing! very good at triping over invisible fluffs on the floor, they like playing in the sand and in the water, they are lousy at kicking a ball, but good at skipping lightly down the road, according to my nephew are good for jumping and tippy toeing around the room, make climbing easier! can be used to tease some one under the table or give some annoying realative a bit of a boot!,.. kitten feet are nice, always soft and they smell good! puppy feet can be a little bit pokey, little tiny mouse feet are very cute! bird feet usually have a really good grip to them, faerie feet are very soft and light sort of feet,..

are you sorry you asked what I thought about feet?