Rescue Journal

Back to reality

Alison  ·  Dec. 20, 2006


Jenny was better at bedtime last night, her feet are not so sore but she sure is a pain to medicate (mostly because i am out of apples and had to shoot it right in her mouth which she does not like.)

The vet saw Spritely on monday, he said not to worry so much about her hoof cracking and pulling away, he said the bigger problem would be her foot bone falling down out the bottom of her hoof (which it is not doing yet and i told her it better not either!) but she is walking pretty well and back to her little prima donna, i am perfect little self so for now we are really happy.

Cedric is vomitting this morning, not sure what that little beast has eaten this time, we have made sure the cats don't get those little toy mice anymore but there is no telling what cedric will try to chow down on. he is on watch today.

Moses and Michael are hanging in there, some days are better than others.

And for anyone who does not know this, Copper is a pain in the butt. Carmin came to visit yesterday and brought some really great gifts for all of them. I gave each of the dogs a small rawhide stick for a treat. Copper who is a greedy, selfish maniac, promptly buried his in the back yard. he stood over top of his hidden treasure for almost 3 full hours screaming and having a fit if anyone came with in 20 feet of his prize. he is such an idiot, everyone else chewed theirs to shreds and now he has forgotton where he buried his, so he never got to chew on it anyway.

The barn guys, esp carl and the other sheep have dealt with the loss of baby jack quite well. i think on some level they not only knew he was very sick, but they knew he would not survive and it was just a matter of time. they are way smarter than i am. the barn felt empty without him yesterday.

If I believed in fairy tales, I would tell you that petunia knew I was sad, and followed me all over the barn more than usual and would stand right in front of me looking up at me with her wonderfully petunia face. but sadly i think i forgot to feed her her breakfast (but i wasn't sure so i fed her again) and then she quit following me around and went back to bed. so i think that in reality, she was just hungry and reminding me in the best way that she could.

life does go on.