Rescue Journal

hidfh writes...

Alison  ·  Dec. 22, 2006

i am going thru blogging withdrawal!!! here's my thought for today, not sure which one put it into my head.

i wonder?

have you ever considered what happens at the end of our days?
do you think someone was watching our good and bad ways?

does god really know that i lived a alone on a chain,
in the dark of the night and the cold of the rain?
could he feel my fur matted, could he feel my deep pain?

does he know how i suffered there year after year,
and will he tell you that now you have something to fear?

will he make you come back and live in my life,
that was barren of kindness but full of sad strife?

will he turn his back on you and just walk away,
like you did to me daily, day after day?

will he one day take pity and then set you free so that you can start over and be glad you aren't me?
i wonder.