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cat updates

Alison  ·  Jan. 1, 2007

sam and endora are still under the bed, but they come out now to say hello and to scream to be fed. sam sleeps with me in the dark, right up near my head and he pointedly ignores maudie if she got up there before him.

rainbow who came in almost a year ago, with a history of some really nasty biting, pretty much has never bitten anyone here. she does her own thing and lounges around and made herself right at home, but she does like her space and i try not to infringe if i can. today however, when a headache sent me to bed for an hour while the tylenol did it's thing, was a different matter all together. rainbow had gotten there before me so i had no choice but to shove her over so i could have an inch or two. out came her claws and she gently stuck me in a kneeding frenzy, thunk came her head shoved up against my lips to get a kiss, and as i fell asleep, i felt her snuggle in deeper and closer, welded into my chest like this was where she was meant to be. you are a good cat rainbow.

mango continues developing some kind of weird, twisted inter-species relationship with norton. the love fest that goes on between those two is something to see. that cat is constantly soaking wet now from nortons drooling and slobbering him from head to toe.

dixie chick and i are currently in the midst of a battle of wills. she does not want to come in from the cat porch until i go to bed. i do not want to leave her out there in the cold plus i get freaking cold with the door open while waiting for her to get up her courage and come back in. last night i chased her in which really made her mad. save me from feral cats who have lived with me for 3 and a half of her total of four years of life. i have been mean to her three times, once when i moved her from the shelter to my home (i threw a blanket over her in the cage and put her in the carrier), once when i trapped her in the bedroom in a live trap to move her to saints first site, and the last time when i wasn't leaving her behind alone in another empty bedroom for the 4 or 5 days it would take her to go into the trap for this last move to our permanent home.i had my friend from the spca, catch pole her and shove her in a carrier to bring her with the rest of her friends and that took all of 15 seconds, maybe not so nice but pretty damned quick and effective. i will admit that dixie has always hated my guts, in desperation, i once did an animal communication thing with her. i asked the communicator to ask her why she was so scared of me, and dixie said she wasn't scared of me, she just didn't like me and i was not to try talking to her again. it sounded just like the dixie i know so maybe it really was, but i think it is grossly unfair to hate me so much because except for those three necessary times, i have always been very nice and respectful of her needs. it is not like she was having a great deal of fun as a feral and half starved kitten. i think she should get over it, and soon, she could at least cooperate and come in when i am in the room, i have never shown the slightest inclination to eat her and she is putting the hydro bill thru the roof.



they are both really nice cats gail, but so very slow to come around. oh well no rush, we aren't going anywhere.

Gail Glover

Carol: I just read your Jan. 1/07 update on Sam & Endora. Thank you for letting them make the top of your list (is that good?) Maybe you start with them for a different reason! I am glad to hear Sam has ventured out from under the bed and is tolerating poor old Maudie. Him and Endora are very attached to each other, but she has always been more timid and wary, so with time, perhaps she will also venture out into the bigger world of SAINTS, and maybe even find the proper cat room together. I am tracking the website faithfully, mostly because I love your stories!
Thanks again.
Gail Glover


Ah but you can lose it! I lose stuff in my head all the time! Dixie is her own girl and always will be. If she could set up house with Ogidie and maybe Sunny since she sits with him a lot to she would be a very happy girl.


it is on the to-do list...we have to buy a new flat/smooth door and install it first. i suppose if i would write down and put the to-do-list somewhere, someone might actually do it! chris will say i try to keep too much stuff in my head, lol, she is right, but at least if it is in my head, i can't lose it!


Carol, have you considered putting a cat door or dog door in the door to the cat porch? That way the animals could go in and out without having to leave the door open all the time, and the flap can be locked if you don't want them out. I've never had a problem teaching a dog or cat to use one of those things - it could be low enough that even the crippled old guys could get out.