Rescue Journal

a second life, a second chance, and pay back time

Alison  ·  Jan. 6, 2007

i have always thought that michael was a very selfish, cranky, jerky human in a previous life and he got sent back as a dog on a chain in payment. and interestingly enough, the Buddhists believe that animals are returning not so great humans that have to work out the kinks before they can move on. mostly i think this is not true because most animals i meet are way more pure than any human, but... with michael the thought has crossed my mind on certain days.

over christmas this nice man read the article in the vancouver sun. he wanted to come out and visit. unfortunately he came on christmas day and he came when i was not at home. so he sent me an email saying he had been here. I invited him back again and he mentioned that he was a Buddhist and he had been talking to his teacher about us. he did not want to offend, and he did not know what religon i followed, but could his teacher send out a little chanting machine to play for the animals to help them complete their journey. i thought this was really nice. i wrote back and told him that i did not follow any particular religon (i was a born and raised episcopalian ie anglican, my father was an anglican minister) but if I was going to follow any religon, i did like some of the things that the Dali Lama had to say (i think he is a very good and smart man). Anyway, the man and his teacher sent out a donation to help with the animals vet bills, some beautiful books on Buddha, a CD, and a couple of little talking machine things that play, very peaceful chanting.

so...while michael was sleeping, i set one over top of him, turned it on, and played it for him. i was thinking that michael really does need some help here and i am worried that he might come back again as another chained dog. michael is a deep and peaceful sleeper and that chanting was soothing to hear. except not for michael, he twitched and jerked from the time i turned it on until i turned it off.

i think he still has a guilty is ok michael, i have decided that you are a really good dog who just pretends to be not so good to help us be even better. so when you go, you can use me for a reference and i will tell whoever that you are a great and wonderful (and just a little bit cranky), special old soul. heaven needs someone like you to keep everyone on their toes.