Rescue Journal

Messages from your Angels..

Julie  ·  Jan. 7, 2007

Emailed to me:

This is a passage from 'Messages from your Angels' by Doreen Virtue. She is a well known author and speaker on working with angels and fairies. The passages in the book were given to her by the angel realm.

"So, you are now asking whether extraterrestrials live among you on planet Earth? Would it surprise you if we denied this? You may say that we are splitting hairs, but the fact is that if someone lives upon the earth, they are terresterial to the planet. They are only extraterrestrial if they do not live on the planet. Many creations upon the planet have extraterrestrial origins, yourself included. You are from another dimension, and you have a nonphysical origin. You cannot escape this fact no matter how far you distance yourself from realizing this knowledge.

As far as visitors from other dimensions are concerned, they certainly bombard the earth's atmosphere with various missions. We are among them, from the angelic realm, and yes, there are certainly visitors who "drop by" from other dimensions. Many are scientists who are seeking proof of human reality, for you see, there are rumors of your reality existing on other planets. So, many have attempted to prove or disprove your existence through visitations to human Earth. Those who were able to access your dimension with their perceptual abilities concentrated upon studying you and made reports to take home. Others, who were incapable of noticing you due to perceptual limitatons on their part, reported back of your nonexistence."

Heavens to bunnies! that might explain a few things as to why the children choose not to listen some times, they think we don't exist!