Rescue Journal

so i have been busy in my wheelchair today.

Alison  ·  Jan. 30, 2007

reorganizing saints to see us thru the coming weeks. i have hired greg who is semi retired to take over the holes in the daytime barn routines (still looking for people to volunteer help me feed and put to bed) and he is a jack of all trades so he can help us with some of the bigger projects that are sitting in the wings. greg just lost his 17 year old golden retriever and has lot's of farm experience, he was able to tell us in an instant the best solution to our onging problem of the uneven stall mats. he has a quiet gentle manner and soft hands so he is going to be good to have around here for all the animals. i managed to crutch around the barn and gravel pathways, but it did tire me out, and it frustrates me to be so weak.

the good news is i think i have figured out how i can run the dogs each day, as long as someone is on the property to help me if i get knocked down. i am going to get someone to position those great benches that john made, strategically along the fence line. then i can crutch along and rest as needed while the dogs run and play. i won't be able to get to the lower field but i can sit along the fence at the top while they goof around the pond.

and that pretty much gets me at least part way back in most areas to where i want to be...i got the house figured out, i got the barn access, i can get to the feed store and the garbage dump, i can get into the rabbits and at least give them food and water if we are short, i can switch around the laundry,...i haven't quite managed to puzzle out poop and scooping on crutches yet, but that may still come to me in a moment of brilliance. and the actual physically hauling of heavy or awkward things is probably just not going to happen, but then you never know.

i have a couple of funnies to tell, but i will write them later cuz i am really tired and am going to lay down for a bit first.