Rescue Journal

ok...trevor is a moron

Alison  ·  Feb. 2, 2007

what a freaking baby! i go to clean his wounds and he cries, i try to put the panalog on his lesions and he acts like i am killing him, but never, never in my entire life have i seen such a gawd awful production about Advantage! could he squeal, and try to run, and carry on just a little bit more?! i finally pinned him up against the cupboard with my wheelchair and knees with his eyes rolling and staring at the evil tube in utter terror but i got that stuff on him. and then what did he do? cartwheels, flipping and flopping and shaking with every bit of shake he could make to get that crap off him. it flew in my eyes, it flew in my mouth, it flew everywhere right off of him onto everyone else, but mostly on me. what a toad, next time i am bringing reinforcements to hog tie that ping pong ball of freaked out idiocy. sheesh, trev, get a grip man.

and thanks alot, now i won't get demodex but you will still have it you toad.