Rescue Journal

nicole's st. sandy makes me laugh.

Alison  ·  Feb. 5, 2007

i was thinking about her today and the dog that came in here a few months back. a sweet and lovely soft dog always on edge to not cause offence. she looked at life as a threat, and made her self small so she could slip by without it crashing down on top of her head.

and who did i see here on saturday. a little prima donna who wanted things her way.

"i don't want to be here"

"i am not coming in there, i am going over here instead"

"i don't want that kind of cookie"

"this one is ok but but make it smaller instead"

and finally "shut up maude, i can be here if i want to and you don't own the kitchen, i used to live here before too"

a dog who after 10 years of playing the victim, powerless against a life stronger than she has come into herself and finally saying what she wants because she knows that nicole will actually hear her (but still may ignore her demands cuz nicole likes it here) and they argue! just like i do with the dogs and i think it is so funny to watch sandy ragging on nicole and nicole ragging right back and both of them loving every second of it. plus every single saturday afternoon, sandy eventually wins because nicole eventually does go home with her again. everyone has to win sometimes. that is only fair. and it took sandy 10 long years to win at something but now she is sometimes tasting victory, she thinks it is pretty darn good.

that made me happy.