Rescue Journal

a little bit of help, goes a really long way

Alison  ·  Feb. 26, 2007

firstly, there is a very sweet and very, very sad senior rotti at Chilliwack Animal Control that is quickly losing hope. once again they are beyond full and unhappy senior dogs cannot be made to silently suffer in sadness forever. she needs to be rescued and given back her hope and faith and her belief that she is loved. her name is nelly and she needs help.

and i just spoke with janice at heartsonnoses at length and she is desperate from some real concerted committed help. she needs her barn roof fixed and the mud dealt with because it has reached the point when she is struggling not just to care for the animals she rescues but she is struggling against things that could easily be fixed. she can't store her hay in a leaking barn and she can't keep killing herself trying to wheel barrow it bale by bale thru the mud. her work load is crushing as it is, she doesn't need to waste what strength she has because of a leaky roof and a bunch of mud, both of those things are fixable with some help.

janice works from dawn to dusk to give sanctuary to a species that humans have once again, coveted, aquired, exploited and then discarded. janice stands at the line to right that wrong and minimize their pain. no one without pigs will ever understand that these creatures are as thinking and feeling as we are. it is not just dogs and cats and horses that suffer from the selfish thoughtlessness of mankind. it is other species too, especially pigs because we are far to self absorbed to even recognise their wonder.

there are alot of really good people who have given up their lives to make the world a bit better and safer for someone else. janice is one of those people, and the animals in her care need someone to lend her a hand. it takes an army to make this world a better place.