Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Feb. 27, 2007

i had a power nap before putting the barn guys to bed. the dogs had one while i was out there so we skipped the evening run. i think the three runs they already had today satisfied them.

carl was in a nasty mood, he was spitting at jenny and not letting her in the barn. he decided that was a bad idea when i came flying out of the barn on my crutches.

ellie's schooling really helped tonight. she came up from the bottom field when i called, went into the back yard when asked so i could get the big guys in first. and then came into her stall like a good girl when i finally set up and ready for that. she is a very smart pig.

tunie-fish also was a very good girl, she moved into her stall the first time i asked. cathie had cut up some extra carrots and apples for her dinner so she was pretty pleased.

carl settled down and came in politely without me asking, but gosh that barn is too full, they are packed, stacked and racked in there. the sooner we get ellie's new home built and the donkeys go to their real home, the better. i think they will all feel much better with a little more space.