Rescue Journal

fake it til you make it and you can have it all (or at least enough to make you happy)

Alison  ·  Feb. 27, 2007

ok, i am tired, i crutched all over god's green acre several times today. corey came out from shaw cable and that should be airing next tuesday on channel 4 at 6 and 1030 pm. i hoped he liked the place and he got some pretty interesting shots, like carl laying on and hugging kissy and purring while he was there. carl is neutered, so i am pretty sure it was llama affection but gosh, i am not actually sure. dexter was a riot, he carried his 5 pound log everywhere that he went, and ellie just thought she was part of the dog family and hung out with everyone else.

ellie had her first day of school and leila taught her "here" so she has learned to follow people around when we call her until we run out of apples. once the boring carrots came out she went off to find something more interesting to do. tunie got mad at her and chased her out of the barn and i think tunie felt pretty good about that. i told her that tunie will always be our bestest piggy princess, but ellie can be our best piggy playmate.

there was lot's of help here today, lynne, nicole, colleen, greg, john and cathie, and it's a good thing because geez i am tired and i really could use a nap.

the best thing of all was nicole brought out some phony soybean bacon. it was good! so now i can make my fake bacon mcmuffins and i am a pretty happy camper cuz i was wondering how long i could live without them and now i don't have to live without them at all..