Rescue Journal

oh, i am so proud of myself!!!!

Alison  ·  Mar. 3, 2007

i called chris to brag....i set a boundry! we have been talking about how i don't do this very well. i sometimes get drop by visitors without any warning. most of the time it is ok because it is here and there and usually just a spontaneous, rare, in the neighborhood kind of thing. which is nice. but once in awhile it starts to become a habit, and i really do enjoy the quiet down time of the evenings with just the animals and me. so tonight as soon as i heard the door open and close and i wheeled over to see.... i said a quick "hello" followed immediately with " you know, i need you to call first because we have people here from 8 am til 6 pm and the evenings are my down time to recoup." i know it had to hurt a little bit even if i said it as nice as i could, and i think my visitor didn't realize that there were so many visitors here through out the day. i think people sometimes assume i live a very quiet, cut off kind of life instead of the constant saints swirl that i do. so even if i feel a little bit mean for setting that boundry, i am ok with it because i don't want to NOT enjoy having people here and in order to enjoy it, i need to make sure it doesn't become too much of a good thing. i am finally growing up.