Rescue Journal

Goodbye donkeys; hello little calf

Jean  ·  Mar. 16, 2007

I arrived at SAINTS today just as Jenny and Winston were being loaded into their trailer, with the aid of a few apples as bribery. Gideon, Swinger and Spritely lined up at the fence to watch the procedure and then quickly took off once the donkeys were in - I think they realized there was room in that trailer for one or more of them also, and they weren't leavin'!

The sheep and Miss Ellie also kept an eye on the goings-on, though I think Miss Ellie was more interested in the people than the donkeys.

Good luck in your new home, Jenny and Winston - the barn feed was very quiet tonight.

But I did meet our newest little SAINT and what a sweetheart he is. I got to feed him his giant-sized baby bottle of warm milk substitute, curled up with him in his little shed with its comforting smell of fresh shavings and straw. He reminds me of a small doe - but he has a surprisingly big and deep MOOOOO!

I can't wait to go back tomorrow morning for more fun and games with pigs and dogs and horses and one little calf with a cute white splotch on his forehead.