Rescue Journal

it was a big day today.

Alison  ·  Apr. 3, 2007

mo, nicole, kathy, lynne, cathy, john, eva, greg, and lynn were all here.

the vet came and poor little percy was de-horned (could not risk his spearing one of the horses over the food when he gets big), and he was neutered. the vet told us that intact jersey bulls are the most dangerous and meanest bulls alive, but once castrated they are just like big dogs. so percy had a tough day, but he is recovering well from his sedation and he slept thru all of it so hopefully he will forgive. i will give him pain meds for a couple of days just to make sure he feels well too. the rest of the farm guys got their booster vaccines, ellie and petunia were mad but a banana got them over it pretty quick. carl, annie, kissy, grammy, spritely, gideon and swinger were all very brave and good.

we had a good call for a good home for our chicken and roosters family, we will be following up with this over the next week or so and see what happens.

sadly the dog room floor repair did not stick, sigh, how many more phone calls to get them out here????

the bathroom is done, paid for and all set up, i have a big bump in the hallway wall that the contractor said is because the old framing was thicker than the new framing and there was nothing to be done about it. hmmmmm, don't like it much but really, i just want them all done and whatever, i just won't look.

i had 2 shoes on my feet for most of the day. i am back in the air cast now because my ankle is swollen and it hurts right now. i will try again for awhile tomorrow. the really nice thing was, finally, i could wear jeans again. i actually felt like a really whole person for a few hours with my favorite jeans on again. that was nice.

probable new incoming...a little 10 pound senior dog with what sounds like a long history of skin issues and some incontinence issues also. she isn't spayed so i doubt it will be quite the easy fix that hormonal incontinence is, but oh well, we shall see. she is supposed to come this weekend. her name is chicklet.

sigh, years ago, i had a sweet little tiny foster BC pup once with that name...she went blind very early and ended up losing an eye. that chicklet was adopted into VERY, VERY great family, they stood by her through everything and love her still....i wonder how they all are by the way, i haven't heard anything for almost a year. bet i hear soon, i always do when i start thinking about them.

what a lovely day today, it is warm and sunny. the dogs had lot's of fun with nicole and mo and their belly's are stuffed with lynne's special hand delivered treats. everyone is sleeping excpet copper who still is not home from his walk with the other lynn. once he gets home, i am buzzing into town for some errands while everyone here is so content to just sleep.