Rescue Journal

a never ending journey

Alison  ·  Apr. 12, 2007

i have bumped mosie up to the tramadol and have decided to do the same for dexter and michael. all of them are creeping closer to the edge right now and i want to ensure that they feel little discomfort as they do. i think michael keeps mobilizing out of sheer stubborn orneriness now and dex just wants to have as much fun as he can and he doesn't want to hurt while he does it.

i spent the morning running around making final arrangements for Hook's travel, he arrives on saturday april 21st.

greg got the store room door framed and in today and now is starting on the dog/cat rooms pet doors (omg. we are going to beat the fly season yet!), next the outside shelter for the barn guys when they can't use the upper field shelter, the stall floors, the outside pig areas and the water storage stuff and we are done the 2007 critical stuff and another year of making this place better for the animals is finished for now.

saints really is a never ending journey. and this animal filled journey just gets better all the time.