Rescue Journal

tonight was fun

Alison  ·  Apr. 12, 2007

mosie and dex had a great time tonight down by the pond. mosie swam like a fiend, she even outswam tyra. dex was just like a young dog and was trotting everywhere to find another stick. they both made it back to their beds with relative ease, i am so glad i upped their meds.

my ankle was sore and i didn't feel like chasing copper around so i let him hang out in the kitchen while we were gone. he was happy with that, sheesh, i should have known better. that little beagle brat trashed the kitchen, he dumped the garbage, ripped it across the room, had wet food cans everywhere, peed in the entrance, walked thru it all over the clean floor with his tiny muddy feet and then thought he might bite me when i tried to take the can clenched between his jaws away from him. he is such a freaking toad! i outsmarted him, i hit that can hard with another can and started a pretty big vibration against his teeth, he dropped that can really quick and i got it before he could do a darn thing about it. he was screaming with rage when i shoved him back into the dog room, rocky went running the other way. the good thing about copper is he never stays mad long, but it is best to keep out of his way til he is done.

eva and i cleaned up the mess and then headed into the little dog room to repair their damage too. we were gone for all of 45 minutes and in that time they had flooded the place as fast as they could.

ellie was choked by the time we got her to bed, i had to toss 4 apples in her stall just to keep her from tearing apart the barn while i made her dinner. percy was frantic for his bottle too so eva gave it to him while i fed the others...i periodically heard eva go "OOOF" as percy head butted the bottle but i knew she was alright because each oooof was immediately followed by her laughter and her telling him to "please cool your brain"

her final chuckle of the night was when she was leaving and phoebe poked her face out of a giant pile of quilts with her head covered up like the virgin mary. eva laughed and said only here could you find a dog who looked and liked to dress like granny moses.

tonight was fun, but geez these guys make alot of work when they are all happy and having fun.