Rescue Journal

updates on lately

Alison  ·  Apr. 18, 2007

i miss mosie down at the pond.

molly comes home from the vet, she was too sleepy yesterday from her surgery so needed to spend the night. mo is picking her up for me and bringing her home this morning.

the vet thinks maude has gone into heat at such a ripe age due to a possible beginning uterine infection, so maude is on antibiotics for a couple of weeks before we can do her spay. in the mean time, she is running the pasture fence lines, so close to her new beloved yet so far away.

pops is not well, he is on antibiotics, and harrison is getting yet another cold. jess is holding her own for a change but both she and romeo look pretty rough. sam and endora completely own their world, and i still haven't caught that stray cat at my ex's house. and hook should arrive by air this weekend and i so hope that he is happy here.

tom sleeps better at night if i leave the tv on, he doesn't cry looking for someone to be with him now. this is good for me because my sleep is disrupted enough without extra midnight cuddling and snacks to hand out.

ok...i am off to pick up some more straw to replace and puff up petunia's, percy's and ellie's beds, plus i need to pick up my arthrotec perscription because the swelling in my ankle is not great without it and i need that swelling down, next week's return to work is creeping up fast and i need that ankle good before then.

since it is a wet and rainy day, my wish is that everyone feels some sunshine in their hearts since we won't feel it on our faces today.