Rescue Journal

it was a good day

Alison  ·  Apr. 19, 2007

so i saw my surgeon today and i am clear to start back to work next week. the bones haven't quite finished re-modelling yet but since i am walking now, i might as well walk at work. she said to keep using the boot around the farm guys and i need some more physio to re-train my gait, but other than that i am free to go and live again with both feet. that made me happy.

jean, eva and i had a small picinic for dinner tonight, i cooked in my own lazy way. we found a bottle of chinese wine in the cupboard, and i have to tell you the chinese should give up trying to make wine...OMG, one sip and i almost fully gagged!

bonnie did her funny kangaroo begging to get some of our dinner too. it was pretty effective so i think she got more than phoebe who sat quite nicely on the bench. tunie's new house is almost up, just the roof, insulation and some trim and plexi glass windows are left to install. so maybe by this weekend we can see if she likes it. i can't wait to see if she does.

my friend brought out her sweet little five year old nephew today for a tour. he was a little bit nervous around the big farm guys, but he sure liked the cats and the bunnies. he was so very good and he posed for all his pictures and i think he had a fun day with his aunty marie. gideon just loves the little tiny kids and he made sure he was near that little boy.

it was a good day today and this evening was lovely for a quiet walk with the dogs. i discouraged the swimming tho cuz i didn't want a bunch of wet dogs trying to share the couch with me while i watched tv. i am kind of selfish about dry couches at night.