Rescue Journal

more simple things

Alison  ·  Apr. 20, 2007

seven timbits will barely get you into the barn. ellie was hiding out behind the chicken house, watching with her ever watchful eyes. she exploded into the air with an airborn shake and raced to reach the barn first. she won, but the timbits were enough to distract her long enough for me to slip inside and lock the door. boy was she pissed!

percy likes coke. he was sharing my can today. i think that would have made a great commercial..."want milk? no? have a coke instead."

lexie was too sore to walk around the pond tonight so she sat on top of the hill and barked til i came back to sit with her. then she was happy and laid down with a stick and chewed the crap out of it like a good dog.

tom has REALLY bad breath. and tonight he is throwing a fit every time i get off the couch. he wants me to stay there and sit with him and i wouldn't mind so much if he would just try some listerine. as it is i can manage a few minutes here and there but every time he falls asleep i try to sneak away. alas he is awake again and calling so i guess i have to go sit with the stinky little guy yet again. oh well, he is cute if you don't breathe too deeply and at 18 we are not about to even try to do a dental.

gotta go, he is impatient.