Rescue Journal

the key to sleeping with hobbits

Alison  ·  Apr. 26, 2007

is to put them to bed in a hole. last night tom knew it was bedtime, and he was not done sleeping on my lap. so while i wandered around giving the last bedtime meds, he trotted behind me, whining away. this boded poorly for a decent night sleep, so in frustration i picked him up and took him to bed with me. i shoved him under the quilt and then barricaded him in there with pillows. hah! he curled up against me a went right to sleep and stayed there the entire night. no wandering around the edge of the bed and falling off and giving me heart attacks. good boy tom!

anyway, i woke him up at 6 am and put him back on the floor. he follwed me around, whining again while i mopped up the accidents and made some tea. now he is back asleep on my lap and he can stay there til 7:15. but then i have to get dressed for work and he is on his own til i get home again this afternoon. i think he will be fine because eva is stopping by and she will feed him in a couple of hours.

sheesh, old hobbits are alot of worry.