Rescue Journal

too old, too wrecked....

Carol  ·  May 2, 2007

for late nights, concerts, and sore ankles. i feel like crap today, altho, i did have a good time yesterday, but i am going to pay for it today. i hope no one at work expects perky, cuz it ain't happening, perky becomes a thing of the past when one is hovering just below 50. as should late nights, broken bones, and concerts.....maybe i should add animal rescue to that list too. i might think about that today.

everyone survived my midnight escape night pretty well altho phoebe is a bag this morning. she is wrapped up in a quilt and obviously fell off her bed onto the floor so the snarling pile of blankets is right up against the door. she was too lazy to actually come out to attack the others as i let them all outside, but she was sure snapping and having a fit in there so when i opened the door i didn't even try not to thunk her on the head with it. that shut her up.

this is why i don't yell and scream in the morning, cuz i lots of times wake up with a headache or feel like crap like today, i don't need it to make worse, and i certainly don't need to get thunked by a door because i am acting like a moron either. phoebe ought to learn this, it makes for easier mornings. she has taken herself and her quilt back to the safety of her bed so i guess at least she learned that her bed is a better place to have a fit from than right in front of the door. even a little bit of progress in the thinking department is helpful, thank you phebes.

ahhh well...i better get on with getting thru today. have a good one everyone, or at least one that is not too hard. (and watch out for head thunking doors)