Rescue Journal

pepper got a home!

Carol  ·  May 13, 2007

and a really, really great one too! i am so very happy for him that finally after many tries, he found one that is going to be his forever....except, ratz! he wasn't here long enough for nicole to grab a picture so how are we going to post him on our happy home page?? i gotta learn to start taking pictures.

i thought that maybe jack had a small stroke when i was out last night, but she is mobilizing better today. her back has a slight hunch today tho and the pain meds probably mask things, so we will watch her carefully for the next few days. in any case, i had thought that michael would be the next saint to leave us, but now i am thinking that it might be our jack.

bonnie is a toad who keeps moving into nudges cage when she is out and about. bonnie likes the very soft and warm bed and the private apartment, plus i know darn well little miss appetite is hanging out in there cuz she wants some of nudges special, not for anyone else's food.

phoebe has exhausted herself trying to out think me today and frankly she lost every single time. by this afternoon she was utterly frustrated with my tricking past her thru one gate when she thought it was another, til she finally had a meltdown and was sent to bed. she is calmer now but i think that is because i am finally staying put. she finds that alot less stressful.

we had some really nice visitors on and off today and all of us enjoyed the varied company. eva and i slipped away for a quick bite to eat cuz i hadn't eaten in almost four days and OMG was i ever freaking hungry.

happy mothers day to all who nuture and care for human or animal loved ones. i ditched my kids altho they tried pretty hard to catch me but since i saw them last night, i think we celebrated mothers day then and i was too tired to do it again today. i think mothers day is really for remembering how much you love your kids, and i love my kids more than the world. and i love them even more for letting me stay home when i am tired! the girls bought me that wonderful picture of bill that i wanted from the silent auction and my son got me this absolutely fabulous photo book of cats AND they supported my favorite place in the world at the very same time! they have learned well from me and know what makes me happy. it is so nice having great kids to think about on mothers day. i love you guys!