Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 20, 2007

Our vet received the bloodwork from the orginally recieving vet after sweet-pea's fall and he called here to day with the results. her organ functions look good, all the bloodwork shows is some inflammation processes which is reasonable given her fall. she is more settled and happier today, (her tail actually does wag!) but only if i am in the room with her. if i leave her, she starts caterwauling and she sounds like a dying duck...very attractive sweet-pea.

she has some old blood in her stool today, so she probably got banged up inside. and i am pretty sure she had a small seizure a few minutes ago but i missed the beginning and just caught her as she fell to her side. i am not too worried about it at this point given the stress and her fall, it is probably just an isolated occurence (i hope) i have a few too many dogs here who are craving me in their sights, my lap is only so big and right now sweet-pea gets priority. this makes both tom and me feel sad. he wants my lap and i want him on it too!

it is a quiet late afternoon here, i am really relishing the peace and quiet. i am slowly getting thru that overwhelming pile of laundry and will soon go put the barn guys to bed.

i am not ready to return to work tomorrow, i still need a rest day! (it is a good thing it's a stat so i won't whine too much but it almost isn't worth it cuz i am really tired today.