Rescue Journal

so...i had my last run with all of the pitties

Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2007

cuz george and brie are off to HugaBull tomorrow afternoon. we had a good one, altho it was interesting but boy these dogs have come along very well. not a single pause to fence fight with andy, brie was actually able to go thru a held open gate like a normal dog (up til now, she thought if i was holding the gate, it had to be some kind of trick) and she even tried to communicate with me cuz she wanted me to go and help george. george had taken a wrong turn and ended up in the riding ring when the rest of us were in the upper field. pitbulls are smart but they aren't rocket scientists so george was trying to find a way thru instead of going back around.

jolie and brie charge off to the fence on which the other side is their friend george. jolie is sympathizing with her friends predictament and helping her look for a way thru it but brie came running back to me "george can't get in" she says really quickly and then she rushes back to see if she can help. now i don't move near as fast as a pitbull so brie had to come back and get me again, "hurry, hurry, george wants to come in here" and then she charges back to see what is happening now.

so george is not a rocket scientist, but she ain't no dummy either. since i was so slow she decided to run back and around the barn and get into the field by herself. smart dog. anyway they were all so happy to be re-united that it ended up being a good natured free for all. jolie ended up underneath the others and started squealing cuz we all know that pitties are not careful where they put their feet.

i whistled and they all came running, and they all barrelled straight into me but then i heard a crack that sounded suspiciously like a bone breaking and i knew it wasn't me. well it wasn't them either cuz they were all running like morons. just when i thought we were done and could head back to the house, they discovered the joyous fun of schlumping in high speed thru the mud around the pond. they loved that sound and the feel of it sucking up their legs and it took me awhile to convince them to get the hell out of there you freaking doorknobs! brie then fell in the pond but she was in, under and bouncing out in less than a second. but the other two just had to re-roll her in the mud so that she once again looked just like them.

oh angelina, the pitties need a bath again before they leave tomorrow??????? bloody beasts.

when i retire i am only having two dogs and i couldn't decide what kind they would be. well i am having a pair of spayed and neutered geriatric pitties and i am naming them alfred and norma. that ought to be enough dog for senior citizen me.