Rescue Journal

so the highlites from today.

Carol  ·  Jun. 12, 2007

so i phoned the flooring company and out right told them that their customer service sucked. they said thank you for telling us that, and i said thank you for slicing open my lino 2 and a half months ago, promising to be back the next day to fix it again and it is still not fixed.

yes the washer and the dryer have BOTH crapped out once again and on the very same day. i am sooo very glad i bought the absolutely best and most expensive machines on the market and i soooo wish i had bought kenmore instead. live and learn. i think i will get them fixed one more time, sell them cheap and with full disclosure and then go see sears.

sheep are utterly stupid, or at least kissy and annie are. once they were shaved they no longer knew each other and when i last saw them they were still giving each other multiple head injuries. since i have quite a nasty migrane today, it bothered me even more than it would have normally.

tug is sleeping and so is joe. joe is now jumping up on the couch to sit with me and tug gave it a try a couple of times too but he was still too upset to follow thru. sigh, maybe tomorrow.

chicklet has returned to her happy self now that she is sure that these two new dogs actually belong here. but she did spend a fair amount of time behind bars until she figured it out.

the vet gave me some clomicom to try on phebers, we will give it a shot and see if we can somehow regain some peace around here.

jolie leaves for HugaBull on friday...i will miss kissing those fat little pink lips.

and yes i did get the barn and the house all done, but it took so long that i do have to re-do the kitchen. soon.