Rescue Journal

all is well, i think.

Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2007

carl looks very regal with his new haircut. the shearers said he is about 7 or 8 yrs old, in great shape and is a wonderfully sweet llama. yay carl the magnificent!!!!!

both tugs and joe gave me the full jumping, happy, tail waggin' greeting when i came home today. yay boys, way to gooooo!!!!

gus has broken out of the bathroom already and trisha and caro have moved right back in. apparently the yorkies are not yet ready to give up their private suite and gus thinks it is too small and confining anyway. hmmm, so how am i going to make sure he eats..ah ha, safeway roast chicken might ensure a good appetite. fingers crossed that gus is a good ole boy who likes his meat warm and juicy.

soooo, new guys doing well (ok gus we are still waiting to see) greg made me a more efficient closet space and a new kitchen shelf too, so i am really happy about both of those too.

little no name puppy had a nap with her nose pressed against tyra's tail. i think i will just call her peanut for now til we find the right name. when i was a little girl, there was a tiny little elf of a child that we played with. everyone, friend, and family alike, called her peanut. i am not even sure she had a real name. but i remember thinking that everyone must love her so to call her something so very special. i never had a special name...oh wait i did. my grandma called me G.W.B. my mom thought that was fitting and funny. it stood for "general walking boss"...i like peanut better.