Rescue Journal

deep sigh.

Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2007

first my contented, awwww, warm and fuzzy sighs.

tom sleeping on my lap after sharing my tuna sandwich for dinner. he wakes up and spies the empty plate on the back of the couch. he heaves himself further up in my arms to reach the plate to see if there is any sandwich left. he disappointedly lays back down with his chin resting in the middle of the plate and goes back to sleep. i guess he wanted to keep the plate close to his tongue in case it magically filled up again while he was sleeping. gosh he is adorable.

bleary eyed, tiny, crippled, dying duck sounding sweetpea digging around in the giant cat box for treats, finishes her snack and asks to please be helped up onto the couch next to me. i hold my breath cuz she reeks and place her at the end of the couch down near my feet that probably smell as bad as she currently does. she sits there looking at me in bleary eyed adoration and promptly grabs my foot and starts humping it. ok, she is so utterly old, wrecked, destroyed, and not the least bit adorable with her thinning, twisted hair, her wrinkled, bumpy, hanging mammary tumours and her bent little tail and eeeeyeeewww! she is humping my freaking foot. yet despite looking a bit of a horror she knows, inside and out that for some reason, i think she is like the cutest little dog in the world. i adore her as much as she adores me. weird, anyway, i made her stop cuz that was too gross even for me. she is like a female, extreme geriatric egor.

more deep sighs for our not going so well road building. yesterdays bobcat tires were bald and destroyed the lower pasture with all the stuck in the mud times. greg put in a 12 hour day today again trying to repair the damage. i think we better just forget it and get the road in cuz that mud pit will not get better til we re-seed the entire field. the rental company brought a better cat up today that actually has some tread left on the tires. the riding ring is scraped out and now there is a huge mountain of sludge to move down to the muddy pits below. i don't envy greg for the next couple of days, poor guy, that is literally a ton of work and more long days. maybe not one of my better ideas, ooops.

new incoming...long story, a blast from the past which someday when i feel like typing alot, i might just tell. but come friday, saints welcomes ben on a trial. i know ben from many years ago, he was quite the dog then and hopefully now that he is old, he will be alot less of quite the dog. but i am not holding my breath. he was a potato ed in a much bigger body with both eyes still working and attached.

sometimes i sigh so deeply, my toes turn inside out.