Rescue Journal

life looks better on sunny days

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2007

the sun is shining, my back and ankle are sore and i am mobilizing about as well as michael. i think i will take phebers out for breakfast again and wait for the arthrotec to kick in before i get down to work.

ben had his first field run last night. i took him separately with just tyra after everyone else was done. tyra was playing with him which is unusal for her, but then she used to really like ben after she beat him up so many years ago too. i guess she remembers. i think they will be good friends again. now i just have to figure out how to at least get ben to be friends with everyone else in the big dog room, cuz him taking up one whole room to himself, sucks. the problem is i don't trust his happy, smiling face one little bit except with dogs strong enough to clean his clock. i am going to start with maude and jazz for introductions today and then decide where to go from there. ben being here is a bit of a worry...ah well, he has a bit of time for us to figure this out. no point in worrying, best to just come up with a plan and see how it goes. the full goal is final, safe intergration with all animals here, but i will settle for safety and peace in the big dog room if we have too (but that includes andy and copper in there and they aren't big).

phoebe wants to go find her favorite golden arches, so here we go. plus i need to pick up more grass seed for the bottom pasture, another 2 bags ought to do it i hope.