Rescue Journal

home sweet home

Carol  ·  Jul. 5, 2007

home from the cast clinic...all is well. my ankle will continue to swell and ache, maybe forever...whatever, i can walk without a limp so i am happy.

i left remy alone on his first day here for 4 freaking hours while i sat in that clinic and stared at the walls. he survived but it certainly didn't make his first day easy. we had our first field run, he is quite weak with arthritis and he tripped and fell several times. hopefully he will build up some strength and i will start him on meds for his discomfort tonight.

nicole kidnapped wesley rockstar for the weekend...have fun you two!!!

i need to move faster on ben's introductions so he is fully intergrated before i return to work next week.

ellie was playing with all the outside waters and tossing them all around. i turned the hose on her to get her to stop which she did cuz oh my freaking gawd that pig likes playing with the hose!!!! we need a water canon for her, i bet she loves it!