Rescue Journal

a message or a money grab?

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2007

the evening stuff is done. it was another nice night out in the dusky field. most of the dogs came back on their own and headed to bed long before i was done. but tyra, sweet pea, lexi, remy, bill, maude and phebers, stayed til i was done. in the end, after everyone was in the right place, it was just phoebe and me. and she played with me.... she ran at me and she ran away, she ran behind the shed and i hid behind a corner and ambushed her. she liked that and did it again, and again, and again. she is pretty funny when she is relaxed. and she is very, very cute too.

bill struggled hard to catch up when we headed home. and remy's back end truly sucks,,,he falls alot, and he drops poop when he walks, and his hips sag low, and lower as he gets fatigued. the neuro damage to his spine and hips is significant. i suspect he won't see another summer so we better make this one a great one for him.

there was a sign up in downtown maple ridge today for a psychic reading so i took my coffee break and went in. i don't know why i do this, my first and last experience with psychic's in store fronts was a disappointment. so what did the angels tell her to tell me? that i work too hard and should play more. that i worry too much and shouldn't. that i don't say the things that i want to say and my throat is closing up. that i should eat more juicy kinds of fruit. that i should go camping next to water.

so i bought some watermelon. i played with phoebe tonight, i will try to quit worrying, and i will think about pitching a tent one night in the bottom field next to the pond. but i am not saying some of the things that i sometimes want to say, cuz i am not a complete moron.

and once again, the angels said not a word about the animals that surround me...hmmm, they must be blind.