Rescue Journal

where are the worry angels?

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2007

i am still stewing away on how to best help that dog without tipping the balance scale here over into insanity. i have a headache this morning from stewing too much or at least not all that effectively. i think that psychic spoke to the wrong kind of angels (like pot-heads from the 60's or something...don't worry be happy) cuz my kind of angels would be worrying right along with me about this dog.

eddie, (the new cat with a sore mouth) is eating soft canned food...nice cat.

muffin (the new cocker with the less than great name) is settling in well...she is a sweet, sweet, little dog.

sidney (the city park dumped rabbit) is a doll but trashes the cage every single night,,,there goes the food and water, not a very bright bunny.

i am having trouble getting remy's pain under control...i will have to add tramadol which i was trying to avoid.

ben's segregation is working out somewhat ok. he is in the same corner that he was in before...i decided that the other area was too isolated from humans AND too close to jazz. but we moved the big canopy shelter over top of him, gave him a bigger fenced area and a raised dog bed too. i will look for a large plastic dog house for him too so he has somewhere to get inside just in case he is out when it rains and i am not here. he is sleeping in the gated entrance way inside the house at night and if the weather is bad during the day. he still gets field runs with tyra, lex, remy, maude and phoebe but then gets put away for the second run with everyone else. this solution is only somewhat ok because i am still not happy that he can't fully intergrate with everyone and he is kind of lonely cuz he does want to be with me as much as he can. plus, he doesn't like the entrance way to sleep in, he would rather sleep outside but i won't let him... a). he barks at the drop of a pin which will bug the neighbors, and b). saints dogs sleep in the house and i am not changing that rule for anyone if i can help it. i will get him some chewing sticks so he likes to come in there to bed. i just knew mr. ben was going to be a pain in the neck. but except for his sucking inter-animal social skills, he really is a very nice dog.

tom and sweet pea are wrapped in fleeces this morning, it is chilly...what a change, i am still waiting for the rain to soak that bottom field...the grass is doing ok but it needs a couple of good drownings before the august heat turns it into desert. my kind of angels would be worrying about that too...and about the vet bills, we owe ag west $1600 and i need to buy spritely's next month of meds today, thats another $, straight angels with all of their brain cells would worry about that too.