Rescue Journal

not a good night at saints

Carol  ·  Jul. 20, 2007

pops is quite sick and is heading into the vet tomorrow...i think we might be close to losing him soon. panda is not great either and i will drag him along to the vets is my version of a two for one deal...i book one appointment, drag in two animals and pay for two exams...still it saves me a trip.

trish is not good either...i think she may have had a small stroke. she is palliative so i am not dragging her in to the vet cuz i think she will bounce back on this one.

remy is being a toad..apparently the other animals are not allowed near the food bowls or near me if he is there first.

ben keeps breaking out of his pen and having him living in the entrance way is a pain for me...i have to shift everyone around in order to get everyone in and out and where ever it is i want them to go. it sucks.

eddie broke out of the cat room sometime today. sigh, he is now a bedroom/kitchen cat and i thought we had more than enough of those. he found the cat nip tub in the kitchen, he is still trying to convince it to open.

everyone had a good run in the fields tonight and all the barn guys got a banana before bed (i went grocery shopping on my way home from work)...they like the banana nights.

there are too many freaking animals around why do i miss jazz so much?..... that room feels empty, oh yeah, it feels empty cuz half of the big dog room guys are in the kitchen and cat room where they don't belong. tomorrow i am shifting everyone back in there!