Rescue Journal

a good day

Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2007

frodo is home. he looks sore! he has had his meds, and i bought him a special recovery canned food from the vets that he seemed to like. he was starting his dinner when i left him in his beloved bunny room for the night. i hope he feels back to normal soon.

great day today for the dogs. donna was worried about tom and so she brought him and all his friends KFC for lunch and timbits for dessert. there are a bunch of happy, finger licking good dogs around here tonight. i fed tom his regular lunch after his special one...not bright, he ate too much and puked.

max growled at lynn today so now no one is allowed to go into his room without me. my gut really says that this dog has a couple of screws loose but i think they got knocked loose from too much stress. i see how he is with me and i truly believe that given some time to process everything richocheting around in his head, he will settle and return to the good dog i think he used to be. we shall see if i am right about mr maxwell not so smart.

speaking of not so bright, i have been selling swinger the fruitcake short. that horse is smart. he learned his lesson about rushing into the barn last week when he fell. now he enters very slowly, very cautiously and very very carefully. so much nicer than darting out of the way of mr. freak out. i must have bonded with him on that terrible night cuz now whenever i look at him, i get that warm, soft, gosh you are cute feeling.

last week barbara came to visit for the very first time, she wore a REALLY nice green pant suit...i liked it alot and i know diddley squat about clothes. ellie liked it alot too and applied some of her pig art to one of the pant legs. anyway, she and her mom and her friend came back today. they bathed the dogs and combed them out, they helped clean the barn and hauled 50 pound feed bags around, they held and they cuddled and they helped donna pass out the chicken and the tim bits. i bet they are tired tonight but they said they had a really great day.

so did we, thank you!