Rescue Journal

deep sigh...

Carol  ·  Jul. 30, 2007

it is a deep cleaning night. i was cleaning up some accidents when i made the mistake of moving beds and baskets and litter boxes....can we say gross underneath? i just finished the barn and was prepared for the ton of laundry til i discovered the source of the smell around here tonight. that sucks after a full day at work.

i can't clean deep tomorrow, we need another feed run (i forgot some stuff on saturday), we are out of quatrisol for the barn so i have to head out to agwest, i have to go to the bank and get some documents signed by the rest of the board which means i have to go find them AND i am having my daughters birthday lunch with my family (she and i are both working on wednsday)OH!! and i better get her a card and a gift too and i need to do another dump run cuz the next one won't happen til my next day off on monday and that is too far away for the amount of garbage that we tomorrow the house and the barn get a quickie...ah well, on goes the music and out comes the mop and we will see if i can have as much fun and success as mrs. doubtfire in the movies.

i had nachos for dinner....correction, we had nachos for dinner. tom had the most and he probably shouldn't have had but he did. at least if he starts puking, he had his meds hours ago. our two new little girls, molly and ruby apparently like nachos too. i am going to have to make a bigger plate if i want to not still be hungry by the time they are all gone.

molly is a walking pooper...this means she systematically covers 80% of the room before she is done, i know this cuz i just watched her do it...i didn't want to upset her by asking her to please go out the open door on her second day here, she looked upset while i was cleaning it up so i think she is quite sensitive so i am glad i just let her be. ruby produces as much urine as does wilbur and yes i watched her too, it really was quite amazing what an 18 yr old, 15 pound dog can produce, and cinamon must have gotten missed today cuz her litter box is overflowing and all over the floor (either that or there is a couple of invisible cats in there with her with a whole lot of not so invisible poop that needed coming out..i can't be sure cuz i didn't get to watch her cuz i was at work when that all happened) i actually don't mind late night cleaning sprees, my back hurts by the time i go to bed, but i feel pretty good about going to sleep in a bleachy clean house right after a long hot bath. the disappointing part is if they just all keep going during the night, or can they actually just sleep and give the house and me a bit of an easier go tomorrow. it is a crap shoot...sometimes it works great, sometimes it is just a waste of sleeping time, ya never really know. and i will tell you that 3 am feels fine til the alarm goes off 3 hours later, then it ain't fine at all. new saying to live by...if you can't stand cleaning, get the heck out of rescue!

ok...dinner break is over, where the are the mops!