Rescue Journal

lexie on shortcuts

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2007

i like to be with carol. where ever she is is where i like to be. i prefer the bedroom, or the cat room or the kitchen but the front and back yards and the barn are ok too. i don't know why we have to go out into the fields, several times a day, but apparently, we do.

and she walks faster than i do. my elbows hurt and i like to sniff stuff and have a quick swim. she always gets too far ahead of me and this bugs me. even when i yell to her to wait up, and tell her i am coming, she slows down a bit but she keeps walking and tells me to hurry up.

i came up with a plan, it is shortcuts. i wait to see which way she is going and then cut the corners to get there first. sometimes i go straight down the hill thru the big trees, or down the middle road. sometimes i swim across the pond instead of walking all the way around.

carol likes to do a couple of turns around the place with the other dogs. so sometimes i just wait half way around til they get back to me again.

all of this would work really well if carol would just do what it is that i expect her to do. but i have come to the conclusion that she doesn't have a clue where she is going or how many times she is going to go in whatever direction once she gets there.

it makes it really hard to anticipate which short cut i should take. i think she is finally realizing that she is stressing me out cuz tonight she just walked really slow and waited for me so i didn't have to try to figure out which short cut might be best today.