Rescue Journal

don't put cinamon in the bathroom and other stuff

Carol  ·  Aug. 4, 2007

cinamon is the senior cat that came in with ruby and molly (the animals from severe neglect)anyway.....i heard this gawd awful yowling late last night right outside my room. i got up, turned on the lights and there is cinamon having a freaking fit cuz ogidie is trying to slink past her. i wasn't sure if she had eaten yesterday so i grabbed her and tossed her in the bathroom with some food (her cat box is still in there from her confinement period)

big mistake. she shredded an entire double roll of TP. she emptied all the shelves. she knocked everything off of the counters and in general, quite simply, trashed the place.

i never heard a thing so she must have been doing it quietly. maybe that house they used to live in was such an utter disaster because cinamon made it that way!

ruby is finally starting to take a bit of interest in her surroundings...we will see how far she gets over the long weekend. molly is simply a doll.

the new kid on the block, tiger lily is not as shy and timid as i was led to believe. she is a bit hesitant and waits for an invitation for stuff but she gets herself right in there once that invitation is given. not like little caro who even tho he really wants whatever, has to be coaxed to believe that it is safe and ok to have. except on the bed....that dog once he hits my bed becomes normal. he rolls, he rubs, he licks, he pushes himself right into the best spot right next to me....i call him our littlest son, he so needs a mom to keep him safe in the world and to tuck him into bed each night.

anyway again...tiger lily happily joined the bed crew and she slept all night without an accident too. good girl