Rescue Journal

why am i always in such a rush???

Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2007

because i live with 80 freaking doornobs! (and i am doornob number 81)

i was trying so hard not to be late for todays vet appointments. and i left the barn til the very last minute which is always a mistake. esp cuz last night i was lazy and did not fill up the bran, dairy, pig and timothy cube bins like i should have.

so there i was at 2:15 trying to wheelbarrow about 200 pounds of feed out of the shed and into the barn with a ton of dogs underfoot and gideon lurking around the corner. as soon as i opened the gate, gideon made his break, tossing me and the feed in the process...he headed straight for the backyard, and then into the dog yard with his trusty little 1000 pound friends hot on his heels.

GRRRHHHHH! "get the hell out of my yards you guys and don't run over the freaking dogs!!!" swinger stopped for a quick snack on the way out, remy, the moron, sat down an inch from his best kicking leg. i grab remy to haul him out of danger and the little bastard bit me. "do not rush me or be rough with my collar lady!"

fine, next time i will let him get kicked in the head while i politely ask him to move.

anyway, i got them sort of all sorted out but spritely was cantering around the bottom field with her knight in shining armour when i left. i am sure that is really good for her very sore and swollen leg.

we were 5 minutes late for the vet. but since our appointment took more than a hour between exams, swabbing eyes, ears, skin, skin scrapings, and bloodwork, i don't think the 5 minutes mattered all that much.

and the end result?...gee...molly and ruby are utterly wrecked. molly has bacterial skin and ear infections and ruby has eye and skin infections plus , i was half way right, a fracture in her hind leg but maybe an old one and not from cancer (this part was good to be wrong on). molly turned into a growling, "i am going to rip off your face" beast the second that the stethescope touched her side and had to be muzzled for everything. ruby was slightly better, she ineffectively snapped and quite effectively boxed and finally we stopped and let her go so she didn't have a stroke.

thank god nicole had come and gone by the time i got home. i was way too tired for the advantaging of all of the animals, working with rocky and max to get them to like each other, and help her sort thru the garage like i promised on a better day when i thought time might be on my side this tuesday.

apparently not.