Rescue Journal

the epiphany

Carol  ·  Aug. 8, 2007

it was a long, hard day. almost done tho, just the barn to put to bed and the dogs to run one last time and the mountains of laundry to struggle thru.

i decided today that i would pull out tunie's, ellie's, and percy's beds and give them all fresh stuff. that ended up being about 20 extra wheelbarrow loads!

every time i passed the shavings pile, i had a word with ellie and percy. ellie was laying half way up the pile, under the blue tarp with her head sticking out a hole. very cute.

percy was being a dork. he was running up and down the pile and then deaking me out pretending he was going to jump over the side wall. sometimes he was on top of the tarp, sometimes he was fully under it, walking around up there like a big blue blob. i kept telling him to knock it off, if he jumped or fell, he was going to break a leg and i don't know if our farm vets know how to fix broken legs on stupid calves.

anyway, the two of them were pretty entertaining for a couple of hours. once i finished all my work out there, i went over to tell them "see ya later" and all of a sudden, it hit me, my epiphany.

i was going to find ellie strangled to death in a holey tarp one day. well shit i got my trusty brand new 15 dollar exacto knife that slices thru tarps like a hot damn, and i cut that tarp right off the bin and hauled that sucker right out of there. ellie and percy were not happy to lose their favorite play tent.

epiphany's are good things if you pay attention.