Rescue Journal

not a great pizza night

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2007

it was generally chaos around here tonight. louisa and elaine were here with roxy and tugs fixing up the laundry (thank you!!!) mo and nicole were trying to sort thru the garage (thank you!!!) heidi came by with more donations for the garage sale with trevor (thank you!!!) the pizza guy came and everyone was all excited about that. remy bit muffins ear. remy was chasing the cats, remy slipped out the gate, max slipped out the gate, remy picked a fight with max, max wanted to pick a fight with trevor, and ben just wanted out of his pen to fight with whoever happened to be available. anyone else notice that remy's name was mentioned alot in the chaos? anyway, i blew my top and separated and locked all the dogs away. was quiet for a few minutes. i skipped their night time run and just sent everyone to their beds early for a change. it sucks for them but i don't need them all wound up again plus my ankle hurts.

i think i will read harry potter tonight and just let us all chill out.

saints welcome patches, a new rabbit that eva's grandson's found wandering loose in heritage park.

there is a dog of as yet unknown age/breed with a long term terribly itchy skin condition whose family is wanting to surrender due to another baby due in a few months, lack of time and funds for vet care. we are full...does anyone know anyone? i have refused to take her but have asked for more info so i can post her around.

cinamon stopped eating, today is day 3... not sure what is up with her, she goes into the vets tomorrow. she sure is awfully cuddly tho so she is not going to like being left there for the day.