Rescue Journal

saints welcomes jeanette

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2007

she is lovely, she is upset. she just lost the home that she spent her entire life in. apparently our vets when they were out here last, told greg that she is one of the oldest cows in the valley. how sad is that, most of them are sent to market when they are no longer of use.

the building materials have arrived from the bent nail. greg will fix up ben's new foster home fence this week and then we can get started on framing in the new multi purpose room.

michael is not well. i woke up this morning and he was covered in feces, he slept right thru his accident. i gave him a bath and alison has combed him out, he is not moving well again today. i have re-booked his home euth for tuesday...if he hasn't perked up again by then it will be time to let him go.

phoebe is also not well. she was tearing around here and barking her face off this morning. now she is very quiet, pathetic and moving with care. i am not sure what happened, i called mo to see if one of the barn guys kicked her but mo doesn't think so. tammy is beside herself, she loves phebes and a very quiet, unobtrusive phoebe is a bit disconcerting. i gave her some pain meds just in case, if she doesn't bounce up again by tomorrow, she is off to the vet. she did pass the cheese slice test, she did eat one of those.

jeanette is not going to fit in a stall with percy...a thousand pound cow is bigger than i thought. sigh...barn number two is probably our best option so i think we will be closing in part of the new loafing shed for a few of the saints.

so many worries for such a beautiful day.